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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

To all those who celebrate this time have a great Christmas and a happy and safe New year!

a few Castle icons

These are from season 5 and a couple of them may be a bit spoilery for those who haven't watched the premiere, so I'll put them under a cut

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has it really been that long....

This must be the longest gap in posting for me but with one thing and another I haven't really felt like it. After very successful radioactive bead treatment I have been off any further treatment for 19 months. However I am now back on chemo and it is hitting harder than the first round. I remain positive however and know that everyone is doing their best for me. Apologies to those whose birthdays that have been missed - I even forgot a few family ones too. I'm still a BIG fan of 'Castle' and the final episode of season 4 has just screened here. You lucky devils in the US get to see season 5 from next Monday! I guess I'll be looking out for all those sneak peeks! It's lovely to see all the spring flowers and at the moment I can look out of the window and see the glorious old Magnolia tree next door in full bloom. No doubt the early spring winds will come up and blow it to bits. It does it every year!

it's that time of year again......

Hi all, What with two lots of minor surgery recently and a host of regular hospital appointments my postings have been even more scarce than usual. ( what's new!) Anyway, to those who celebrate it have a great Christmas and a safe and happy New Year! With not being on chemo at the moment at least I'll be able to actually TASTE my food this year!

more castle icons

Can't wait to see what happens in season 4, though being here in Kiwi land, it might be a few months before we get to see them! ):


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I'm still here..............

Must admit it's been a long time since I posted anything. Have been very neglectful of lj, only lurking now and then and have probably missed birthdays, so for those I've missed - a very happy belated birthday for whatever day it was and my apologies. On another note - I've just had a short 6 day trip to Sydney courtesy of my daughter.I've been before but it was a very long time ago and my daughter has never been, so we did all the touristy things. I must admit the highlight for me was going to the Opera House. This place was being built for so many years and finally opened in 1973 and still under construction when I was last there.Walked over the harbour bridge (got sore feet!) and among other things took a trip up the Parramatta River and shopped at the big mall there. Had a great time too. I don't know what is in front of me health-wise, so this little trip will be a source of some great memories to think back on.

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'Castle' icons

After watching seasons one and two and now part way through season 3, I finally decided I really like this TV show, so with nothing better to do on these wet and chilly autumn days,I thought I would make a few icons....


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Yet another earthquake!

Christchurch (NZ) was hit again today by another severe quake measuring 6.3 and while not as high on the scale as the September one, this one was much closer to the city and shallower, so has caused major damage. From what I've seen on TV the CBD looks like a war zone. Unfortunately it also happened in the middle of the day so (numbers unconfirmed yet) there are a lot of fatalities. Two buses with passengers have been crushed by falling debris. Christchurch has had continuing aftershocks since September further weakening already damaged buildings and today's earthquake just finished them off. It saddens me to see that much of the city's old heritage buildings have gone forever and although earthquake strengthened some years ago, the iconic Christchurch Anglican Cathedral's famous spire has tumbled down. This proud gothic style church has stood for over 100 years in Cathedral Square, the centre of the city.
Power is off to some of the city and phone lines are down, but I did get a call from my sister by cellphone to say that her place has a few more cracks but she is O K and as far as she knows the rest of the family are too.

I felt the initial quake here in Dunedin (230 miles south of Christchurch)another one this afternoon. Although only lasting a few seconds and reasonably mild they scare the hell out of me - I hate them. Unfortunately my daughter won't be home until late tonight so I am here alone and feeling very unsettled......

Merry Christmas!

Just like to wish everyone on my flist a great Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. I can't say it's been a great year for me health wise but things are not so bad and I'm still responding well to treatments. My oncologist very kindly deferred this weeks treatment until next week so that I could have a peaceful Christmas. Family are coming to stay with me which is great because of earthquakes and ill health on both sides I haven't seen them for over a year and I look forward to that. Hope everyone has a great time and stays safe and healthy this holiday!

Yay..a good report!

Just had to share... my blood markers are now down to 13.1 with STILL 5 treatments to go, so my body is responding remarkably well to treatment. I'm quite excited! I always say there has to be an upside to everything!!